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Are you feeling the pinch of escalating energy costs? Your ultimate solutions are air-source heat pumps and solar panels in Newcastle, UK! As a home or business owner, this is your chance to save money every day.

In Newcastle, installing solar panels and air-source heat pumps can positively impact the environment, boost the local economy and ultimately save you money.

These sustainable energy solutions also decrease our reliance on fossil fuel sources and provide the UK with additional energy options. It represents a significant change in the way we approach energy consumption.

So, Newcastle, let’s update our houses and businesses to pave the way for our city’s prosperous, environmentally friendly future.


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Newcastle's Solar Panels and Air-Source Heat Pumps: An Exciting Adventure Towards Sustainability

Newcastle is using more solar energy and air-source heat pumps than ever. Residents and businesses can contribute to a cleaner future by participating in solar energy projects or forming renewable energy cooperatives.

Furthermore, air-source heat pumps address the issue of widespread air pollution while being the cleanest renewable energy choice. Together, technology, local initiative, and environmental concern drive a community-centred energy transition in Newcastle.

As we work towards combating climate change and promoting healthier communities, we must transition to cleaner energy options like these.

ECOfootprint Limited: A Trusted Renewable Energy Company in Newcastle

Are you looking for a supplier of air-source heat pumps and solar panels in Newcastle, UK?

ECOfootprint Limited is the company to go to for high-quality eco-friendly energy options. We are renowned for our advanced solar products and highly effective air-source heat pump systems.

Over a Decade of Innovative Service:
For over a decade, we have been committed to transforming the energy industry through rooftop modifications and changing how individuals and businesses consume energy. Our dedicated team values transparent communication and top-tier customer service. Trust us for efficient and sustainable solar solutions tailored to your needs.

Trusted by Renowned Brands:
At ECOfootprint Limited, we are committed to providing exceptional service in Newcastle. We have earned certifications such as MCS via Napit and established affiliations with HIES and TRUSTMARK, which reflect our high standards. Choose a trusted industry leader for your solar panel needs.

Customised Solutions and Reliable Support:
ECOfootprint Limited focuses on making solar energy options that fit your needs and meet high standards and rules. We also have a team that takes care of ongoing maintenance and assistance. For risk-free installations, we also offer liability insurance. Our solar energy conversion packages eliminate the hassle of going solar for homes and enterprises.

Why Choose ECOfootprint Limited For Renewable Energy in Newcastle?

Since 2011, ECOfootprint Limited has been a leader in providing personalised solar services that cater to each client’s energy needs. Choosing us means becoming part of a community of satisfied customers, receiving exceptional customer service, and benefiting from our extensive business expertise. We also serve in the following Newcastle neighbouring suburbs:

We are proud of our industry alliances, accreditations, and awards, such as the endorsement from MCS through Napit and our membership in groups like HIES and TRUSTMARK. These accolades testify to our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable solar energy solutions.

Newcastle Solar Panel Experts

ECOfootprint Limited is a well-known business serving Newcastle that focuses on providing solar energy solutions that are at the cutting edge. They offer a wide range of services to help people and businesses use solar energy, and their professional staff is up-to-date on the latest technology and trends in the field.

Our commitment is to assist you in lowering your carbon footprint and monthly energy expenses. We offer several services to achieve this goal, including installation, maintenance, system optimisation, and energy-saving consultations.

Power from the Sun Made Easy

Harbouring the sun’s power has never been this easy. Solar cells are getting cheaper and cheaper to get clean energy. Since the price of renewable energy has decreased significantly in the last few years, it is attractive to people who want to save money when the need for electricity is rising.

Invest With a Reliable Air Source Heat Pump Installer

Air-source heat pumps and solar panels are cost-effective solutions for temperature control and rising electric bills in Newcastle. We provide free quotes for air-source heat pumps and solar panels, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Choose sustainability and save money with solar panels and air-source heat pumps.

Seamless Design

Our experts assess your land’s solar potential and create a customised system to maximise energy output. We have experienced installers ready to set up the system with the latest technology and best practices.

We’ll help you connect your solar system to the grid and ensure a smooth setup. Our team provides excellent service after the sale, addressing any issues promptly for long-term satisfaction.

Trusted Commercial Solar Company in Newcastle

Our premium commercial solar panels in Newcastle are designed for businesses to reduce grid reliance and save money. We design, tailor, and install solar panel systems that enable businesses like yours to maximise energy output and monetary savings.

The Best Home Solar Panels in Newcastle

At ECOfootprint Limited, everyone should have access to affordable and sustainable solar energy. That’s why we offer a range of residential solar products and services designed with the financial needs of Newcastle residents in mind.

Our team is highly skilled when installing solar panels in Newcastle on local homes and can provide customised solar energy systems to meet your needs. By choosing our high-quality solar system, you can generate eco-friendly energy, reduce your reliance on the grid, and save money on energy bills.

Quality Solar Battery in Newcastle

Solar batteries are a great option for enhancing the performance and output of solar panels. They store excess energy generated during sunny periods, which can be used during cloudy or dark periods while protecting against sudden energy cost spikes.

Our solar battery storage solutions increase energy efficiency and promote self-sufficiency. They save energy for later use and protect against unpredictable energy costs. We offer customisable options and personalised energy plans for homes and businesses.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Reliable Air-Source Heat Pump in Newcastle

Switch to air-source heat pumps in Newcastle for a cost-effective and eco-friendly heating alternative. These pumps are highly efficient and can reduce your carbon footprint. They produce up to three times more heat than the electricity they use.

ECOfootprint Limited offers efficient air-source heat pumps for homes and businesses in Newcastle. Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions that enhance comfort and reduce environmental impact.

To get started, we recommend exploring the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) to help offset the initial costs. If you’re ready to switch to air-source heat pumps, please contact us immediately and take a step towards a greener future.

Free, No-Obligation Solar System and Air-Source Heat Pump Quote in Newcastle

Be an environmental leader and promote sustainability. Reduce your carbon footprint and maximise your renewable energy investment.

Contact ECOfootprint Limited in Newcastle today for a free quote on their eco-friendly solutions.