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ECOfootprint Limited is your trusted provider of residential solar panel installation services in Midland and Northern England areas.

With over 12 years of experience in the solar panel industry, we can help your home harness the power of solar energy.

Discover the numerous benefits of going solar and why we are the perfect partner for your residential solar panel needs in Midland and Northern England areas.


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Home Solar Panel Installations

Embrace sustainable energy solutions and reduce your carbon footprint by installing solar panels in your homes. With our state-of-the-art solar panels, you can harness solar energy to generate clean, renewable electricity for your home. Our experienced team is committed to delivering top-quality installations and exceptional customer service.

Let us guide you through the benefits, installation process, and financial advantages of adopting solar energy.

The 5 Benefits of Residential Solar Panels

1. Long-term Savings

While the initial investment in a quality solar system may seem substantial, it offers long-term financial benefits. Home solar panels have a lifespan of 25-30 years or more; homeowners can enjoy significant savings on their electricity bills during that time. Over the system’s lifetime, the savings often outweigh the initial installation costs.

2. Technological Innovations

Technological advancements in solar systems boost energy production, efficiency, and performance. Efficient panels capture sunlight and convert it to electricity. Advanced inverters optimize energy usage and monitor performance.

These advancements promote energy independence, production, and sustainability. In addition, technological developments have also made solar panels more affordable, allowing homeowners to recover their investment within the system’s lifespan.

3. Increase The Value of Your Home

Home solar panels are a worthwhile investment due to their financial benefits.

Homeowners generate their own electricity, reducing their dependence on utility companies and lowering their electricity bills over time. These savings on power consumption are a significant selling point for potential buyers who are looking to reduce their energy bills.

4. Sustainable Lifestyle

Embrace a greener lifestyle and contribute to the preservation of our planet by adopting home solar panels. By generating clean energy, you actively combat greenhouse gas emissions, reduce air pollution, and conserve precious natural resources. In addition, each solar panel installation is a significant step toward a sustainable future.

Integrating Home Solar Panels With Solar Storage Batteries

Be one of the homeowners embracing the advantages of integrated solar panels and solar storage battery systems. ECOfootprint Limited understands that energy demands fluctuate throughout the day.

Our hybrid solutions empower you to optimise energy usage by storing excess solar energy in a battery. So whether you want to power your electric vehicle or enjoy the benefits of sustainable energy, our integrated systems offer unparalleled flexibility and self-sufficiency.

ECOfootprint Limited: Your Award-winning Home Solar Installer

Since our establishment in 2011, ECOfootprint Limited has emerged as a provider of quality solar solutions in the United Kingdom. We take pride in our position as the leading solar specialist, prioritising safety and reliability.

As your reputable installer for all your photovoltaic (PV) system needs, we handle every aspect of bringing solar energy to your home, from the initial concept to the final installation.

We’re with you every step of the way, from design to installation.

With us, you can embark on a seamless installation journey, benefiting from our application guidance, energy performance certificate (EPC) commissioning, and even assistance with planning applications when required.

Join us as we explore why embracing solar electricity through ECOfootprint Limited is a genuinely transformative choice, leading to a greener, more sustainable future.

Why Choose ECOfootprint Limited?

1. Professional and Efficient

Experience the revolution in solar panel technology, where improved efficiency and groundbreaking advancements have made installing home solar panels in almost any location possible.

With options ranging from sleek glass panels to integrated roof tiles, slates, and innovative membranes, ECOfootprint Limited ensures seamless solar PV integration into your home’s architectural aesthetics, making clean energy generation an elegant and efficient reality.

2. Personalised Solutions

Regardless of the age or design of your home, ECOfootprint Limited provides tailored solutions to meet your specific solar PV needs.

Whether for a new construction project or retrofitting an existing property, our team of experts will collaborate closely with you to design a customised solar PV system that maximises energy production and seamlessly integrates into your home’s structure.

3. Empowering Energy Independence

You can liberate yourself from the grip of traditional energy sources. You can achieve true energy independence through our natural energy source, the sun. Say goodbye to soaring energy bills, and gain complete control over your energy consumption, even storing surplus power in advanced batteries for round-the-clock access to clean energy.

4. Seamless Installation

With ECOfootprint Limited, you can trust our end-to-end solution for solar battery storage. We guarantee to guide you through every step, from initial analysis to system installation. You can rest assured that professionals will install your solar panel and home battery system.

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By choosing our residential solar panel installation service, you’re taking a significant step toward a sustainable future while enjoying long-term cost savings and energy independence.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and embark on your journey to harness the power of solar energy for your home.

Let’s create a brighter and cleaner world for generations to come.